Merging the Craft of Visual Storytelling with the Art of Music

AMP, Artist Media Production, produces extraordinary Movies For Musicians, online promotional movies that inspire fans to share your message world wide via social networking and throughout the Internet.

AMP Demo

AMP offers musicians a professional and cost-effect way to promote themselves using visual media on the internet. To stay ahead of the competition, many businesses use movies as part of their online promotional strategy. There is no reason you can’t do the same to build your music career. In fact, the Internet has become the number one place where musicians sell and promote their music and connect with current and future fans.
Whether you’re a Grammy Award winning musician or a garage band looking to make it big, you now have almost equal and unprecedented access to the widest possible audience for your music –something that previously would not have been possible without a recording contract or a publicity machine to make it happen.
As a musician, you likely use a variety of methods to promote your music: word of mouth, email lists, a website, MySpace, Facebook, and any number of other social networking sites. You probably put your music online, write press releases, supply a bio, provide photos, or create an electronic press kit combining all of these.
All are effective and necessary promotional tools. But are you harnessing the power of online movies to promote your career? In fact, online movies are an essential marketing tool for increasing your visibility and converting casual viewers into hardcore fans.

Using Movies For Musicians as part of your overall promotional strategy has many benefits:

  • Improves search visibility for your website
  • Holds viewers on your website longer
  • Enhances your recognition
  • Increases your fan base, enhances their experience, and creates relationship
  • Generates increased income for your music, merchandise, and tickets

When fans view and share your online movie, it creates buzz, drives fans to your website, and is a valuable tool to generate income through increased sales of your music, merchandise, and performance tickets.