“Wow!!! Man-O-Man, we are so overwhelmed!”

“Thank you so very much for shooting last year, we are extremely grateful to you. Hafty and I are humbled by your work. Your personal passion, creativity, and absolute professionalism in this piece shine Big Time!”

“We love every single clip, the lead-in spooky, ominous music seamlessly building anticipation as you make your way down Evergreen Road. Perfect!!!”

“…this is truly awesome!!!”

Shaun Dolan, Las Tortugas Music Festival

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“Jarid was absolutely great to work with. He has an impressive history, having captured concert videos for many years on some of the biggest stages, which gave me confidence that he’d do a great job capturing my concert.”

“He was always patient and took the time to work with me in fleshing out the details of the video shoot. Jarid’s skill, experience, and competitive prices make his high quality work worth investing in.”

Matt Small, The Crushing Spiral Ensemble

VIEW Puppeteer

“This is such an incredible video! This is so far beyond anything I could have imagined was possible with the footage you shot from a short interview and a dark club!”

“The band loves the video.”

Mike Gubman, Sex with No Hands

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“My AMP video is the ULTIMATE ‘business card’ in this age of ‘video currency’. The quality and care that Jarid put into my production is exceptional and cannot be duplicated.”

“He took the time to know my song, my colleagues, my project, and my desire to have high-quality piece of marketing collateral to promote my ‘brand’, my music, and myself.”

“In my opinion, a quality video that represents me and who I am as an artist and conveys what my music project is all about is absolutely ESSENTIAL in how I run WAAAHOO Productions/ MILAGRO Music in this industry called the music business.”

Carmen Milagro, Milagro Music

VIEW Leyendas y un Milagro